RF Isolators

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More about RF Isolators

An RF Isolator is a device that is used to block reflected and unwanted signals from entering a system. It is a two port device that lets the signal flow from the input port to the output port, but blocks any signal flow from the output port to the input port. Isolators are usually made of ferrite and magnet material. There are over 3,000 isolators from more than 25 companies listed on everything RF. Select a category and search for them using the customized parametric search tool.

Key Specifications:

Frequency (MHz): This is the frequency through which the device operates.

Isolation (dB): The level of Isolation from the output port to the input port.

Insertion Loss (dB): The signal loss from the input to the output port.

Power (W): There are two types of power forward and reverse. The forward power is the level of power the Isolator can handle from the Input to the output and the reverse power is the level of power it can handle from the output to the input.