High Performance Board Level Ceramic Thick Film RF Filters for SATCOM and Radar Applications

Smiths Interconnect has introduced the new Planar X Series of RF filter solutions with bandpass, bandstop, lowpass and highpass configurations up to 18 GHz (Ku Band). The new Planar X Series is part of an overarching initiative that entails the creation of high performance board level ceramic-based thick film RF filters, designed and tested to support various applications markets.

The small footprint, lightweight, and surface-mountable configuration allow for high volume pick and place applications and make Planar X Series ideal for SATCOM, Radar and Broadcasting industries.

Paul Harris, Sales and Marketing VP at Smiths Interconnect commented that the Planar X Series complements their broad portfolio of RF and Microwave components with the latest technology in RF filters, offering premium performance in a small package. The technology has proven reliable in the most demanding environments building upon years of high reliability as a supplier of quality board level components. The addition of the planar filter technology is a natural progression to their existing RF filter product portfolio and Smiths Interconnect is excited to offer this capability in combination with value-added testing services.

With the Planar X Series Smiths Interconnect leverages existing thick film process technology on various dielectric substrates which are designed for use in high-reliability environments, to provide a cost-effective solution offering:

  • Compact size and lightweight, resulting in reduced overall system mass in critical space applications
  • Excellent rejection characteristics, providing best in class RF performance
  • Robust materials, suitable for harsh environment
  • Integration capabilities

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