Easy to Install Sealed Cables & Connectors for High-Power RF Transmission Applications

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has announced the availability of a new, high-performance range of HELIFLEX coaxial cable connectors. The new HCA Series of HELIFLEX cable connectors ensure extremely low losses to enable outstanding performance for the most demanding high-power RF transmission applications. The new coaxial cable connectors feature excellent gas tightness, ensure extremely low losses and are easy to install. Their design marks the company’s return to highly reliable and field-proven o-ring sealing to ensure maximum sealing integrity and gas tightness.

The innovative, rapid-fit connector design eliminates the need for a sealing compound and ensures the connector is ready for pressurization immediately after it is attached to the cable. Extreme gas tightness maintains over pressure for increased voltage handling throughout the system. To save installation time and costs, the connectors can be quickly and easily installed using basic hand tools. The connectors are waterproof to IP 66 and IP 68 levels for safe, long-term operation in the harshest environments anywhere in the world.

William Brooks, RFS Product Manager for Broadcast commented that they recognized the issues encountered during installation when using sealing compounds and made the decision to revert to an extremely reliable water sealant gasket behind the back-nut in the connector. The updated HELIFLEX connector design means the connector is ready for use as soon as it is installed and provides the reliability, performance and robust mechanical design needed to transmit high-power RF signals with complete confidence today and tomorrow.

HELIFLEX air dielectric coaxial cables are used extensively around the world in analog and digital broadcast TV and in AM and FM radio. As broadcasters evolve to the next generations of broadcast, the new HELIFLEX cable connectors are ideal for HELIFLEX cable installations at Next Gen TV Single Frequency Network (SFN) sites. They’re also ideal for Low Power Television (LPTV) deployments.

The new HELIFLEX connectors are available in sizes that connect to 1 5/8-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch HELIFLEX air dielectric coaxial cables. A 7/8-inch connector size will also be available soon.

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