Innovative Ultra-Wideband Dual Microwave Upconverter for Electronic Warfare Applications

Mercury Systems has launched the SpectrumSeries RFM3103s ultra-wideband dual upconverter for the emerging Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard for demanding Electronic Warfare (EW) environments. By creating a common architecture that streamlines system integration, the rugged, compact upconverter pioneers system interoperability and upgradeability, supporting an increased and more diverse range of unmanned systems on various platforms including ground, airborne, and subsurface.

The new purpose-built dual upconverter meets the rigorous demands of military and commercial customers. It is the first in a new series of RF solutions that enable users to better mitigate electronic threats with the rapid deployment of innovative and secure technology.

The standard configuration of the RFM3103s unit consists of two transmit modules installed on two OpenRFM module sites, with parameters such as instantaneous bandwidth, frequency range, and output power able to be adjusted at the module level. This, combined with the modularity for an up/down converter, allows for easy design modifications, rather than full product redesigns, reducing system cost and time to market.

OpenRFM is a modular open architecture that combines hardware, firmware, and software to achieve major improvements in affordability, interoperability and reduced time to market all while maintaining the performance and reliability for the most critical applications.

Mercury is accelerating innovation for their customers as the Company bridges the gap between commercial technology and defense applications to meet the industry’s current and emerging needs, and will be accepting orders for RFM3103s modules in the third quarter of the calendar year 2020.