X-Microwave Announces mm-Wave Reference Design Kits Featuring ADI Components

X-Microwave, the developer of an innovative RF & Microwave prototyping system, has announced two new mm-Wave Reference Design Kits. The XM-RDK-201 (ADMV1013 Upconverter) and XM-RDK-202 (ADMV1014 Downconverter) design kits feature Analog Devices’ ADMV1013 (Upconverter) and ADMV1014 (Downconverter). These ready-to-use solutions include all of the components needed to successfully up-convert and down-convert mm-Wave waveforms from low frequency IF (800 MHz – 6 GHz) to RF frequencies (22 to 44 GHz). The reference design kits are built using X-MWblock modular building blocks and include the required supporting components for generating and filtering the local oscillator (LO) as well as a 90° hybrid coupler for the IF input/output. The PLL/VCO and Up/Downconverter are programmed though the included X-MWcontroller touch screen interface.

Analog Devices’ ADMV1013 and ADMV1014 up/downconverters are highly integrated ICs that can serve many applications but require additional components to use them effectively. These devices provide a ready-to-use solution for both component evaluation and prototyping production integrated microwave assemblies with X-MWblocks.

The X-Microwave design system (X-MWsystem) consists of modular X-MWblock drop-in components featuring amplifiers, mixers, switches, attenuators, and more from the industry’s leading component manufacturers. Individual X-MWblocks can be connected together solderlessly to rapidly build RF and Microwave assemblies from DC to 60 GHz. X-MWblocks are designed for use in production applications either individually as single-function connectorized modules or together in a cascade to rapidly-produce custom integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs).

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