ViaLite Unveils Wide Dynamic Range RF Over Fiber Link & High Sensitivity Receiver

At the recently held SATELLITE 2020 show (In March), RF over fiber technology experts, ViaLite Communications, introduced the L-Band HTS - Hyper Wide Dynamic Range (HWDR) Series 2 (S2) RF over fiber link which operates from 400-2500 MHz while providing up to 115 dB spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR). The preceding S1 Series offered ground-breaking SFDR when it launched, with that range now being greatly improved upon in the S2 Series. The HWDR links are ideal for full SATCOM transponder applications and defense Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).

A High Sensitivity Receiver (HSR) was also launched, having been intricately designed for high loss environments (e.g. with many splices/interconnects or low quality fiber infrastructure). The HSR reduces the need for EDFAs. Really bolstering the number of new product being launched and proving a real draw for show visitors, two 10 MHz RF Splitters and an L-Band 10 MHz Diplexer were also rolled out at the show.

Although the SATELLITE Show was curtailed somewhat (due to the Coronavirus), ViaLite’s new products drew a great deal of interest. The show was very well attended by the local Mil-Aero community and the HWDR and HSR product combination was of great interest as it gives users greater access to better quality SIGINT and High Throughput Satellite communications.

ViaLite will also be showcasing the new products at CommunicAsia later in the year (Scheduled to take place in September 2020), where the HSR is expected to “truly come into its own” as a solution for south east Asia teleports that are facing challenges due to typically higher fiber losses and a greater number of interconnects.