Vietnam Installs World’s first Fully Automated AI-based RF Test System for Digital TV

Leading broadcast solutions expert, Rohde & Schwarz, has announced the installation of an AI-based RF test system for digital TV compliance test in Vietnam. The system consists of the R&S BTC Broadcast Test Center and RFSpark AutoTester.

The R&S BTC Broadcast Test Center is a reference signal generator featuring analysis functions and automated tests for audio, video and multimedia applications. It is a unique combination of outstanding technical features and a modular, flexible design to meet the highest demands and latest transmission technologies such as DVB-S2X and ATSC 3.0.

The RFSpark AutoTester picture quality engine can achieve great accuracy with less than 0.1dB deviation against human tester for most DVB-T2 test cases. In addition, the automation yields consistent result when conducting repeat test.

The combination of the R&S BTC Broadcast Test Center and RFSpark RF automation has unleashed the full capacity of the R&S BTC, enabling test labs and TV/STB manufacturers to conduct compliance testing in the most cost-effective manner. The system provides two working modes: a full automation by using AI powered video engine and a semi-automation that combines the instrument auto configuration and human tester subjective decision. Under full automation, the duration for a full round testing can be reduced up to 75% when working 24/7 continuously.

Since Rohde & Schwarz and Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA) set up the first digital TV receiver compliance test lab in Hanoi in 2015, the companies have been actively involved in the development of new test systems for QCVN.63 compliance test in Vietnam. Thanks to the recent development in Computer Vision (CV) technology and big data analysis on images processing, Rohde & Schwarz has been able to collaborate with Spark Systems (a local system integrator) to bring this AI-based RF test system to test labs and TV/STB manufacturers in Vietnam.