RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies for Military & Avionics Available with Same-Day Shipping

MilesTek, a leading manufacturer and supplier of products designed to address military and avionics applications, has announced the expansion of its off-the-shelf offering of RF coaxial cable assemblies.

MilesTek's newly extended line of coax cable assemblies includes flexible RG58, RG174, RG214, RG316, RG316-DS and RG400-style cable with a selection of connector choices and combinations including BNC, SMB, SMA, TNC and Type-N. Straight male, right-angle male, female and female bulkhead connectors are also available depending on the cable type. Other features include PVC low temp, FEP high temp jackets, heat shrink strain relief boots, single and double cable shielding, cable diameters ranging from .10 to .20 inches and max operating frequency up to 11 GHz.

These new assemblies are built here in the U.S. and are perfect for use in RF applications including WLAN/LAN, GPS, ATE (Automated Test Equipment), test labs, R&D, instrumentation and telecom applications. Assemblies are stocked on daily basis to support customers with same-day shipping to address their urgent needs.

Click here to view MilesTek's MTCA Series of RF coaxial cable assemblies.


  • Country: United States
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