OMMIC Updates GaAs mHEMT Technology PDK for ADS and AWR

Over the last few weeks OMMIC has been focusing on product and foundry updates for GaN Technology. Whilst the GaN process is very versatile, there are still some applications where GaAs mHEMTs are needed. Their foundry team has been extensively working on upgrading the PDK for these GaAs processes.

They have released the new GaAs D0071H Product Design Kit (PDK) with numerous additions and improvements. The D0071H is a PDK for GaAs m-HEMTs technology and their foundry team has been extensively working on upgrading the PDK.

The D007IH is currently being thoroughly screened in the frame of its space evaluation. Based on the latest measurements, the definition of the channel temperature to be used in reliability calculations has been updated. The dissipated power being usually small with D007IH is expected to have minimal impact.

Some of the notable additions to the PDK are:
  • OMMIC know this process is very popular for E-band and higher frequencies, so they added the possibility to use a 70 µm substrate. With it, the capacitance to ground equation has been updated to take into account this new possibility. The value for 100 μm substrate is also slightly changed.
  • The installation files for the ADS & AWR Design Kits are now located in two dedicated directories (D007IH_ADS_DK and D007IH_AWR_DK). This is to avoid confusion between the design manual that is provided with the libraries to be installed in the simulation packages.
  • Request systematic presence of TIN mask layer on pads and via holes to improve customer's designs.
ADS 2020 Support and Updated Models:

The D007IH can be used with ADS2020U2 (Windows and Linux) and is also compatible with ADS2016, but some new features are not supported.

Other important changes are:
  • The Small Signal and large signal models have been updated
  • The Noise model has been updated and is integrated inside the small signal model only
  • Capacitance to ground equation has been updated for all devices (PADs, FETs, Diodes)
  • SiN + SiO2 MIM capacitor model has been adjusted, EM substrates have been updated to be consistent
  • The via hole model has been updated
  • Circle representing the via coupling zone has been added to the layout of the via-hole
  • EM substrates: derived layers have been updated for the via-hole when wafer thickness is 70 μm
  • DRC tool has been updated
  • Layer binding has been updated
  • has been updated to export LVS layers
  • LVS rules have been integrated for device recognition and special layers have been added to some devices (sf, langl, inl, bel)
  • Layer names and GDS numbers have been updated

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