PCTEST Selects Keysight’s 5G Test Solutions to Verify Performance of 5G Devices

Keysight Technologies announced that PCTEST has selected their 5G Test Solutions to verify the performance of 5G devices across Frequency Range 1 and 2 (FR1 and FR2). PCTEST is a research and development laboratory specializing in regulatory, conformance and performance testing of wireless devices, was recently acquired by Element Materials Technology. It is the latest test house to reinvest in Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions to ensure 5G devices meet the rigorous compliance specifications of government, industry and carriers.

PCTEST selected Keysight’s 5G device test solutions to expand test services related to performance validation of 5G mmWave devices in over-the-air (OTA) test environments. These certification test services ensure a 5G device user can achieve reliable access to a 5G network using FR2 spectrum. PCTEST uses Keysight’s 5G solutions to deliver accurate and comprehensive 5G device performance and certification services.

Keysight combines 5G network emulation solutions with compact antenna test range (CATR) chambers to support regulatory, conformance and performance testing of 5G mobile devices. Keysight addresses global test requirements, mandated by mobile operators and certification forums including CTIA, PTCRB and GCF, on a single solution platform.

With the expertise of Keysight, PCTEST can facilitate the deployment of 5G devices into the marketplace as quickly as possible, empowering users to access a high speed, reliable 5G network infrastructure. Both Keysight and PCTEST are equally committed to supporting the goals of wireless industry, validating that products are safe, high-quality, compliant and reliable.

5G complexity is on the rise, and Keysight is delivering solutions that address the needs of test houses, wireless equipment manufacturers and mobile operators who rely on proven test capabilities to ensure their products provide consistent performance.

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