Smart Radio Module for the CBRS Band from 3550 to 3700 MHz

Doodle Labs, a developer of Wireless Embedded Broadband Transceivers and Subsystems, has released a new model of the CBRS Smart Radio that operates from 3550 to 3700 MHz. The CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) band is a large swath of newly unlicensed spectrum – dubbed the “Innovation Band” by the FCC — to promote the development of the next wave of commercial wireless applications for Industry 4.0.

The shared spectrum rules governing this band provide interference protection even for license free operation. The RM-3625 Smart Radio enables deployment of low latency private wireless networks for Industrial IoT use cases. The module provides high performance and a significantly lower cost alternative to LTE Band 48 equipment.

Doodle Labs extended its patented Mesh Rider technology to meet the regulatory requirements of the CBRS band. The innovative RM-3625 Smart Radio can be configured to operate in both the Citizens Band Radio Service Device (CBSD-A) and End User Device (EUD) roles for mobile Industrial IoT use cases. Mesh Rider is an advanced RF and networking technology for long-range communication. Customers regularly stream low latency HD video from up to 20 km away (field proven for 116 km telemetry link).


The new RM-3625 model joins an extensive portfolio of Smart Radios that operate at various frequencies in the 100 MHz to 6 GHz range. Similar to their Industrial Wi-Fi products, this CBRS model opens up a new set of opportunities for the customers in many industry verticals and especially in the fast growing Autonomous/Unmanned Ground Vehicles sector.

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Doodle Labs has worked closely with Federated Wireless to ensure the interoperability of Mesh Rider and the Shared Access Spectrum (SAS). The CBRS would open up opportunities for innovation in the wireless ecosystem and the new RM-3625 is a great example of that.

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