MVG's 5G mm-Wave OTA Test Solution Getting Good Traction in the US

The Microwave Vision Group, has announced substantial interest in its innovative new StarWave system, with the first sale confirmed just a few weeks after launching the technology to market. Despite challenging global conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the launch of this new era 5G mm-Wave OTA testing technology has been particularly well received by the telecommunications industry. The first system was sold post-launch in the USA and will be used to test 5G connected handsets, tablets and laptops.

StarWave is a compact, flexible, dual-polarized, wideband plane wave generator (PWG), specifically developed as a turnkey test solution. It optimizes the 5G device testing process. The system combines non-intrusive and smart mechanical positioners with PWGs to create accurate indirect far-field conditions in a compact system. The StarWave system offers live end-to-end testing - a feature which was hailed a key selling point by the first purchaser of the system.

Capable of testing a large spectrum of the 5G dedicated frequency bands, the StarWave system offers a highly scalable, all-in-one testing solution for 5G devices under development in the telecommunications industry. It is a compact solution, with minimal electronic parts for stable, quick and simple operation.  

Philippe Garreau, CEO of MVG concluded that the launch of StarWave indicates a pivotal point in the testing of 5G devices and we are delighted to be leading from the helm with such innovative technology. The product launch was a resounding success and in addition to confirming the very first StarWave sale, our teams are already working with a range of other businesses who are looking to invest in this technology.

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