Resonant 5G XBAR Filters for Non-Mobile Applications Now Fabricated in Teledyne's Fab

Resonant 5G XBAR Filters for Non-Mobile Applications Now Fabricated in Teledyne's Fab

Resonant, a leader in transforming RF front-ends for mobile handset and wireless devices, provided an update on the progress of validating the power of their Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN) software platform with their partner, Teledyne Scientific and Imaging. Their high frequency XBAR filters fabricated by Teledyne Scientific are predicted to exhibit the best-in-class wide bandwidth and low insertion loss performance required for the worlds' cutting edge 5G applications, without the need for lossy bandwidth-enhancing techniques, such as IPDs. 

Teledyne Scientific successfully fabricated 5G filters based on the XBAR technology with wide bandwidth and high frequency performance – a key step in bringing the industry-leading XBAR technology to the non-mobile RF Filter marketplace. The XBAR technology can be manufactured using standard semiconductor processing steps, and have now been demonstrated this in four unique fabs with first pass success.

According to Bobby Brar, President of Teledyne Scientific Company, with this successful demonstration of 5G capable XBAR filter performance, they have moved closer to high volume manufacturing of Resonant’s XBAR technology. XBAR is manufactured using standard Semiconductor processes leveraging their capabilities, which translates to no new inventions, non-traditional processes or materials. All of the processing steps have been optimized and the first devices tested.

Resonant remains on track to deliver the initial non-mobile samples in the first half of this year. Non-mobile target markets for the XBAR-based filters include Wi-Fi CPE and Enterprise applications, 5G network infrastructure, and small cells – each of which expands their market opportunity beyond the mobile market. Teledyne is the fourth foundry to have fabricate Resonant XBAR filters.

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