X-COM Adds New RF Interference Testing Capabilities to its Record and Playback System

X-COM Systems LLC, a Bird company, has expanded the IQC5000B Record and Playback System compatibility to include the Anritsu Field Master Pro MS2090A RF handheld spectrum analyzer. The IQC5000B is the industry's smallest, high-fidelity, dual-channel system that can record RF spectrum with an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 255 MHz.

Providing the ultimate in signal analysis and RF interference capture, the IQC5000B and MS2090A are ideally suited for RF signal monitoring, hunting, capturing, analyzing, detecting, and signal identification with an instantaneous bandwidth of 110 MHz and frequency coverage up to 54 GHz.

For users who need more RF spectrum data over a longer period of time, the X-COM IQC5000B series supports the gapless streaming of data directly from the Field Master Pro MS2090A (bandwidths dependent on transfer speeds). Whether captured or streamed, users also need tools to process the data that has been captured. The Field Master Pro MS2090A data can be easily converted to an xdat format for evaluation with Bird’s Spectro-X data analysis tool

Spectro-X is a visualization software tool by X-COM Systems that analyzes RF signal interference in the time and frequency domains. Equipped with powerful search tools, Spectro-X can parse through recorded RF data to identify unknown obstructing signals.  

The Anritsu Field Master Pro MS2090A provides Integrated and continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 54 GHz to view the RF spectrum and measure all transmissions to avoid interference. Unparalleled performance meets the latest 5G test challenges while maintaining support for a full range of wireless technologies in use today. IQ capture and streaming options for analyzing signals in the greatest detail.