Panasonic Using Synopsys Custom Design Platform to Develop Next-Gen Automotive & Industrial Products

Panasonic announced that it has adopted the Synopsys Custom Design Platform to develop next generation analog and mixed-signal products after the completion of a rigorous technical evaluation and successful migration of legacy design flows and data. They have already begun design work with the Synopsys Custom Design Platform and it will be used by all Panasonic analog, mixed-signal and RF design groups world-wide.

Synopsys' Custom Design Platform is based on the Custom Compiler design and layout environment and includes HSPICE®, FineSim® SPICE, and CustomSim FastSPICE circuit simulation, Custom WaveView waveform display, StarRC™ parasitic extraction, and IC Validator physical verification. 

Key features of the Custom Design Platform include reliability-aware verification, Extraction Fusion technology, and visually assisted layout. Reliability-aware verification ensures robust analog/mixed-signal (AMS) design with signoff-accurate transistor-level EM/IR analysis, large-scale Monte Carlo simulation, aging analysis, and other verification checks. Extraction Fusion technology with StarRC parasitic extraction reduces design closure time by enabling accurate parasitic simulation before layout is complete. Visually-assisted automation is a pioneering approach to reducing layout effort that is proven to deliver higher productivity.

Panasonic selected Synopsys as their Electronic Design Automation (EDA) partner to help accelerate their spatial sensing solution and battery sensing solution for automotive and industrial market. Synopsys demonstrated that they could respond rapidly to the requirements, and Panasonic moved their legacy designs and design flows to Synopsys in just a few months.

Panasonic is one of several full-flow competitive displacements that Synopsys has achieved this year from customers seeking better overall design and productivity, industry-leading circuit simulation performance, and gold-standard extraction and simulation accuracy.

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