AR Updates their EMC Test Software for RF & Mircowave Applications

AR/RF Microwave Instrumentation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of various EMC and wireless telecommunication products announced the updated version of their EMC test software - emcware® 5.0. This updated software will transform capabilities from accelerated start-up to 1-click reporting and will provide ease of use. The emcware 5.0 Suite by AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation provides automated Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and report generation for users ranging from OEM, independent and R&D test laboratories. It is a standalone software application designed to operate on a PC running a Microsoft Windows operating system.

The New Version of AR’s emcware Delivers:

  • Reduced set-up time and training through streamlined user workflow.
  • 500+ built-in testing profiles.
  • Pre-built reporting templates.
  • Efficient software validation.
  • Reverb immunity testing methodologies.

The emcware® suite stands apart from other EMC software packages by implementing a unique workflow, producing an extremely user-friendly and flexible tool for laboratories. It is broken up into modules based on different types of EMC testing:

  • Equipment Management
    This tool allows for equipment to be entered one time and then accessed from within any of the modules. The Equipment List Manager also keeps track of calibration dates and can warn the user when the calibration date of a specific piece of equipment is approaching.
  • EUT Monitoring
    Use custom equipment or a National Instruments DAQ card to monitor and report the status of the equipment under test (EUT). Custom equipment, in conjunction with dynamic link library (DLL) files, allows for complete EUT monitoring and control.
  • Instrument Drivers
    An extensive equipment driver library is installed with the software. Drivers can also be created and imported by the user in the form of dynamic link library (dll’s) files. The software can communicate with equipment through GPIB, RS-232 and USB remote interfaces.
  • Signal Routing
    The emcware® is designed to allow the user to select between manual and automatic signal routing. Automatic signal routing is implemented using one or more AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Model SC2000 System Controllers.
  • User Security Levels
    Define equipment and test set-ups as a System Administrator, then change the security level to Restricted User to ensure secure testing.
  • Reports
    Extensive report generation capability is built in using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Help File
    Included with the software is a detailed help utility with tutorials and a searchable index. A yearly support contract for emcware® is available.

In order to meet the varied needs of all those involved in EMC testing, AR also offers Nexio BAT-EMC test software. It offers enhanced flexibility for EMC and non-EMC testing and in-depth equipment management. AR’s worldwide service & support team provides expert guidance, technical know-how, and total product support for both software products, as it does for all equipment the company provides.

AR is bringing together two great products as part of its commitment to offering total solution. AR is making EMC testing more complete, cost effective and reliable.

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