Richardson RFPD Signs Global Distributor Agreement with AVX Corporation

Arrow Electronics company and a leading RF products and equipment distributor, Richardson RFPD, has signed a global distribution agreement with AVX Corporation. AVX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control, and antenna solutions.

AVX’s newest division, AVX RF Solutions, manages and works to expand the already extensive portfolio of leading-edge microwave and RF components. The division encompasses AVX’s RF products along with RF products from two additional AVX brands - American Technical Ceramics and Ethertronics. The global agreement between Richardson RFPD and AVX covers the products managed by the AVX RF Solutions division, as well as AVX’s power film capacitors and SuperCapacitors.

The primary product lines covered by the new agreement include antennas, capacitors, couplers, crossovers, filters and inductors. According to Richardson RFPD, these products are an excellent fit for their customers, and they now look forward to building on their long-time success working with American Technical Ceramics.

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