The Thread Group Certifies Several New Components from Silicon Labs, NXP and Nordic

The Thread Group confirmed several new components from Silicon Labs, NXP Semiconductors and Nordic Semiconductor, along with a product from WideSky, have successfully passed its rigorous specification compliance and interoperability testing.

The WideSky Hub is the first certified and widely available Built on Thread product for commercial buildings, energy and industry applications. WideSky’s wireless hub uses Thread to cost-effectively and reliably access valuable data across subsystems, devices and sensors without cables. Thread also ensures scalability and compatibility for the data infrastructure monitoring and controlling solutions of the future.

Thread’s self-healing mesh network gives the WideSky Hub the ability to enable both device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication securely. Leveraging an IP-based wireless standard was necessary because commercial applications demand reliable, secure and cost-effective connectivity which made Thread the obvious solution.

To ensure that technology from different manufacturers can ultimately communicate, reliably and securely, the WideSky Hub passed Thread’s tests against multiple vendor configurations, and joins a growing list of 33 other Thread-certified solutions.

In addition to these new certifications, the Thread Group confirmed a majority of its board members for their next term. Relatively new to the ranks are Stuart Cheshire, distinguished engineer from Apple, and Brent Protzman, director of standards and building science at Lutron. 

They have joined Thread Group’s executive board, which includes reputable executives from Apple, Arm, Google, Lutron, Nordic Semiconductors, NXP Semiconductors, OSRAM, Qualcomm, Siemens, Silicon Labs, Somfy and Yale Security. 

Thread also Announced the Latest Winner of its Innovation Enabler Program

In April, Thread selected Envio Systems as the latest winner of its innovation enabler program. The board granted the award to support the promise and potential impact of Envio’s smart building automation solutions. The innovation enabler program helps smaller companies launch Thread-enabled products.

In addition, Thread Group announced a liaison agreement with DiiA, the global DALI alliance of companies from the lighting and building automation industry, hoping to deepen the integration of IoT lighting solutions for the commercial industry. 

These accomplishments underscore the progress being made every day by Thread developers, manufacturers and enthusiasts around the world, supporting the interoperability of IoT solutions. 

The Thread Group will host their all-member meeting virtually on June 23 and 24. The packed agenda will include guest speakers and breakout sessions for technical, marketing and certification specific topics. It will also include an insightful presentation from Tobin Richardson, president and ceo of the Zigbee Alliance, speaking to Thread Group's engagement with Project Connected Home over IP. All levels of Thread membership can register to attend

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