New Wireless Solution Enables IIoT Deployment for Factory Automation

CoreTigo, a provider of industrial wireless mission-critical connectivity solutions, has announced the commercial availability of its latest version of the TigoBridge. The TigoBridge is a IO-Link Wireless module that enables communication with industrial sensors, actuators, and devices without the need for a wired cable connection to a Master or Gateway.  

TigoBridge is based on the IO-Link Wireless standard, designed specifically for factory automation, and certified to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments. It easily connects in a plug & play manner to both IO-Link and digital I/O devices to establish a standards-based wireless communication. In addition, TigoBridge can wirelessly connect multiple devices in parallel by plugging into off-the-shelf industrial I/O Hubs with multiple sensors/actuators.  

TigoBridge can be used in a variety of applications such as machine retrofit, condition monitoring, and IIOT. The following video illustrates how machine retrofitting solutions for condition monitoring can be made simple, cost-efficient, and interoperable by using the TigoBridge as part of the CoreTigo wireless end to end solution. TigoBridge can also be used for control-based applications, such as wirelessly controlling grippers or vacuum pumps on moving equipment (e.g. robotic arms, linear robots, and transport systems).  

TigoBridge includes an IP67 industrial-grade housing, standard M-12 connectors for simple connection to any device, a specially designed internal antenna for optimal performance, and a variety of mounting options. TigoBridge can be configured and setup via the TigoEngine IO-Link Wireless Engineering Tool, and a variety of applications for data visualization, analytics, and monitoring can be built with the TigoInsights software platform. 

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