OMMIC Fab Now Back to Normal Production After Two Months of Lockdown

OMMIC, a supplier of MMIC circuits, Foundry Services and Epitaxial Wafers based on III-V (GaAs, GaN and InP) materials, has announced that their production is gradually getting back to normal after two months of lockdown. In March, the company decided to drastically reduce the number of employees at the OMMIC facility. They applied a partial shutdown on their activities to reduce the number of employees on-site to a minimum level in order to limit the spread of the virus, while maintaining core deliveries and site safety.

With additional safety procedures to ensure employees’ health and safety, the company moved back to two shifts. Meanwhile, the OMMIC sales team (local and corporate) continued to function normally and has provided all the support needed. 

GaN PDK Update

OMMIC’s modelling team, worked remotely to update the D007IH process. Based on the positive feedback they got from their users, the company continued their work to offer a similar update to the GaN/Si PDK. The update will be available in summer, just before the holiday season.

D007IH is currently being thoroughly screened in the frame of its space evaluation. Based on the latest measurements, the definition of the channel temperature to be used in reliability calculations has been updated. The dissipated power being usually small with D007IH, OMMIC expects the impact of this change to be rather low. The installation files for the ADS & AWR Design Kits are now located in two dedicated directories (D007IH_ADS_DK and D007IH_AWR_DK). This is to avoid confusion between the design manual that is provided with the libraries to be installed in the simulation packages.

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