Calian Introduces a New Spectrum Analyzer with Signal Analysis Capabilities

The Calian Group Ltd. has commercially released the Decimator D4, the fourth generation of its spectrum analyzer product line designed to monitor radio frequency (RF) communications and detect signal issues.

The Decimator D4 is a new hardware platform that includes all features of the Decimator D3 with several new capabilities. Its most significant new feature is the signal analysis capability which complements other functionality of the spectrum analyzer. Powered by a new signal processing engine, the Decimator D4 demodulates and decodes satellite signals, allowing a deeper inspection and analysis of the signals than a traditional spectrum display. The feature proactively identifies issues in the network before they manifest as a failure.

A new HTML5 web user interface allows the Decimator D4 to be operated from all web browsers on all devices and platforms. Its HTML5 application is compliant with the latest web standards and provides secure user access. The Decimator D4’s increased frequency range, from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz, more than doubles the range of the D3. The upper-frequency limit allows the D4 to directly monitor C-band transmit and receive signals without the use of frequency converters and is useful for emerging Q/V-band applications. The Decimator is ideally suited for satellite, wired, and terrestrial wireless networks.

Peter Waskowic, Director, Satcom Products, Advanced Technologies, commented that the D4 has many new capabilities like signal analysis, a modern and secure web GUI and an increased frequency range. All these new features are included in the standard product and provide even more value for the customers at the Decimator’s competitive price point.

Patrick Thera, President, Advanced Technologies, commented that the Decimator product line has been a mainstay of communications monitoring for over a decade. The Decimator D4 with its new software-defined capabilities provides a whole new set of measurements at the low price point that their customers expect. For customers looking to integrate the Decimator into their equipment and systems, they have custom-designed versions available supporting private labeling, custom waveforms, and other frequency bands or form factors. In the coming months, they will announce further innovative capabilities that harness the power of the D4 platform.

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