Siltronic Ramping Up Production of GaN-on-Si Wafers

Siltronic, a leading supplier of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry, underlines its commitment to the emerging Gallium Nitride-on-Silicon (GaN-on-Si) market. As Siltronic GaN-on-Si wafers exhibit very good performance in pilot lines of customers, the company has decided to invest further into an epitaxial reactor. And by providing GaN-on-Si wafers out of the new reactor, Siltronic supports an energy-efficient, sustainable and mobile future.

Growing new applications like data centers, renewables, and the next generation of wireless networks (5G) need high switching frequencies and efficient energy management while working under high power densities. GaN technology enables all three properties. By doing so, GaN technology not only supports future growth markets but helps to contribute in parallel to decarbonize digitalization, energy distribution, and mobility. Hence GaN-on-Si wafers are expected to be increasingly used as the material of choice for such applications.

Siltronic started its GaN-on-Si activities as early as 2011 by joining the respective Imec Industry Affiliation Program (IIAP). A comprehensive and high performing GaN-on-Si technology platform was developed including GaN wafers aimed to be used for efficient power electronics as well as GaN-on-Si wafers for high frequency centered solutions like 5G based on 6” and 8” wafer diameter.

Siltronic is also investing in research on this future technology at the EU level. Together with 25 other partners, the company is driving GaN technologies closer to the limits of its physical properties as part of the European Ultimate GaN research project, strengthening Europe’s competence in power products and sustainable energy management.

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