NXP, Mastercard, and Xiaomi Introduce Contactless Mobile Payments in Europe

NXP Semiconductors, Mastercard, and Xiaomi announced that they are bringing more convenient and secure contactless experiences to Russia as the first phase of a European-wide roll-out with NXP’s mobile wallet solution. Powering mobile payments for Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4 NFC wearable devices, NXP’s mWallet 2GO supports an accelerated roll-out across Europe by addressing OEMs’ needs for easy, yet secure and scalable, wallet implementations. It also addresses user demands to quickly enable payment devices by digitizing their bank cards and experience smooth NFC transactions at the Point-of-Sale.

The collaboration builds on the companies’ successful history in driving tap-to-ride mobile transit experiences in Beijing, Guangxi, Shenzhen, and other several major Chinese cities with some of the world’s busiest metro stations and public bus lines. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 offers the industry’s best price-to-performance ratio for fully-active, NFC, and SE-based and EMVCo-certified payment devices.

Xiaomi and NXP are working together to promote the use of innovative mobile payments in China since 2012. With NXP’s mWallet 2GO mobile payment solution in Xiaomi fitness bands, users can simply add their bank cards to the Mi Fit app on Android and iOS mobile devices. Mi Pay also features NXP’s embedded secure element (eSE) technology so purchasers, payment card issuers, and Xiaomi wearable users can benefit from a high level of security to secure payment transactions.

The solution includes a mWallet 2GO wallet software developer kit (SDK), mWallet 2GO wallet server (application management server) integrated with Mastercard® Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and similar tokenization platforms; Secure Element Management Service (SEMS), NFC and Secure Element (SE) module, NFC middleware, SE JavaCard™ operating system and SE applets. NXP’s NFC+SE modules in mWallet 2GO offer high protection against fraud.

NXP’s Secure Service 2GO Platform is the breeding ground for multiple secure services to grow on. mWallet 2GO and MIFARE 2GO demonstrate the company’s commitment to think beyond silicon solutions, moving to fully integrated services and platforms as a business model. Launched in February 2018, MIFARE 2GO manages digitized MIFARE-based transit credentials onto IoT devices.

Here are Some of the Highlights of the Collaboration:

  • NXP’s cloud platform mWallet 2GO and secure NFC chips power contactless payment capabilities for Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 NFC devices.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 offers the industry’s best price-to-performance ratio for fully-active, SE-based, and EMVCo-certified payment devices.
  • NXP’s mWallet 2GO is designed to ease development, reduce cost, and accelerate time to market for OEMs to add mobile payment capability to any wearable and mobile device; it allows consumers to quickly activate Mi Pay on their Xiaomi device and enable fast and truly contactless transactions.

NXP is the first in the industry to offer the full scope of mobile wallet development with mWallet 2GO. As the worldwide impact of COVID-19 leads to an increase of contact-free transactions at a rapid pace, NXP’s leading hardware technology, software, and ecosystem integration bring convenient and secure contactless payments to Xiaomi and other mobile devices.