Ampleon Introduces Si LDMOS Power Transistors for VHF and UHF Applications

Ampleon has announced two additions to its 9th generation line-up of high-performance 50V Si LDMOS high-efficiency RF power transistors. Designed for use in ultra-high-power RF power amplifiers, capable of delivering hundreds of kilowatts, the BLF978P and the BLF974P are highly efficient and have high gain characteristics.

Both power transistors offer an operating efficiency of up to 80% at 225 MHz under Class AB operation. Energy efficiency is an extremely important aspect of kilowatt-output RF systems since the need for effective thermal management is a key design consideration. Also, industrial and scientific applications prioritize thermal design as a critical element to improve system reliability and deliver energy-efficient, cost-saving RF performance.

The transistors’ high power and gain ease the scaling of the amplifier to the high-power levels required by industrial and scientific applications. The 1,200 Watt BLF978P and the 500 Watt BLF974P, typically offer a power gain of 25 dB at a frequency range of between 225 MHz to 700 MHz.

The BLF978P and the BLF974P are available directly from Ampleon or their authorized distributors, RFMW and Digi-Key.

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  • Country: Netherlands
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