ETS Lindgren Introduces EMC Testing Solutions for e-Motor Vehicles

Automotive Test and Measurement pioneer, ETS-Lindgren, has unveiled a new series of E-Motor Test Solutions to address the emerging requirements of e-motor EMC performance validation and compliance testing.

Automotive technology continues to move forward with the growing acceptance of "smart" vehicles that provide higher and more sophisticated levels of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) capabilities. At the same time, there is growing interest in sustainable energy, which includes electric vehicles (EVs) and other renewable applications. The on-going change in the EV EMC environment is one of the few constants, as new onboard electronics, communications media (both wired and wireless), and high-efficiency Silicon-Carbide (SiC) drive systems are added.

ETS-Lindgren's new E-Motor Test Solutions extend EMC support of full vehicles and Electric/Electronic Sub-Assembly (ESA) testing to meet the requirements of industry standards CISPR 12, Ed. 6.1; CISPR 25, Ed. 4; ISO 11451-2; and ISO 11452-2. The Solutions provide cost effective, efficient, repeatable testing and offer full vehicle configurations that include four-wheel drive and multi-axle chassis dynamometers, fully automatic remote antenna positioning, and charging mode test setups.

ETS-Lindgren can design and install turnkey Automotive Test Solutions, including chambers, control software, and support instrumentation for both emission and immunity tests. Standard configurations include antennas and amplifiers to generate up to 200 V/m CW and 600 V/m pulse as part of the full system setup. If a custom solution is required, ETS-Lindgren has the proven expertise to design and manufacture the ideal test system.

According to Garth D'Abreu, ETS-Lindgren's Director of Automotive Solutions, a critical part of e-motor component testing is the motor dynamometer and its seamless integration with the chamber, instrumentation, and test software. With today's e-motors and e-axles, the permanently installed or mobile motor dyno can act as a load for the motor and inverter under test. These drive components introduce operation of high-speed machinery to the test environment, at much higher voltages than the 12 V DC used in standard electronics.

ETS Lindgren is thus enabling its customers select the right chamber and test instrumentation, in addition to the full vehicle chassis dyno or e-motor dyno for the particular application. The company can also recommend precautions to reduce safety risks. With these complex test environments, it's essential to fully understand the customer's test requirements up front in order to ensure a successful project completion, says Garth D'Abreu.

Customers can find ETS Lindgren’s proven expertise in both EMC and antenna pattern measurements results in innovative solutions, they can individually tailor to meet customer's specific performance requirements and budget parameters. One example is the unique tapered anechoic chamber the company designed and installed for Nissan Automotive: The chamber provides the optimal solution for EMC as well as in-vehicle 2D antenna pattern measurements and hemispherical 3D antenna pattern measurements at the full vehicle level.

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