Cinch Connectivity Releases 2.4mm Solder End Launch Straddle Mount and Thru-Hole Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has expanded its Johnson 2.4mm family with new Solder End Launch Straddle Mount and Thru-Hole Connectors. As the recognized industry leader in high performance End Launch connectors, Johnson now supports higher frequencies up to 50 GHz.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ new 2.4mm Solder End Launch Jack Straddle Mount and Thru-Hole Connectors offer a typical VSWR of 1.35:1 at 50 GHz. The straddle mount solder end launch offers a board mount similar to the SMA and 2.92mm series. They work with various board thicknesses of 0.042”, 0.062”, and 0.093”. The thru-hole version has a leg length of 0.093” to support various PCB thicknesses with a single connector, and easier mounting/ fixturing for manufacturing assembly.

Applications for both connectors include test and measurement systems, network router and switches, instrumentation test fixture equipment, and semiconductor ATE test boards.

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