Ampleon Launches 600 Watt LDMOS Power Amplifier Pallet for 900 MHz ISM Applications

Ampleon has announced the BPF0910H9X600 pallet, a complete 600-Watt RF Power LDMOS module for industrial, scientific, and medical applications operating in the 915 MHz ISM frequency band. 

Based on RF power transistors using Ampleon’s 9th generation of 50V LDMOS process, this solid-state amplifier is specifically designed for companies wanting to speed up time-to-market by using a ready-made RF amplifier rather than embark on the time-consuming process of developing their own design. The pallet particularly suits industrial heating applications such as bulk food processing, drying wood, or plasma generation for cleaning and material processing.

Operating from 902 to 928 MHz, the pallet has a 50-ohm matched input and output, simplifying the integration into RF systems. Operating from a 50V DC supply, the BPF0910H9X600 is very efficient (typically 68%) reducing electricity consumption and operating costs. This RF Power LDMOS module is an ideal replacement for legacy magnetron systems. Compared with a magnetron, the BPF0910H9X600 offers better reliability and does not require a high voltage power supply.

The pallet incorporates a built-in temperature sensor to thermally protect the amplifier and the end-system. An integrated and optimized copper heat spreader simplifies the thermal design and the cooling of the complete system.

The BPF0910H9X600 is available direct from Ampleon or authorised distributors, RFMW and Digi-Key

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  • Country: Netherlands
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