SweGaN Launches New 150 mm GaN-on-SiC Epiwafer Product for RF Applications

SweGaN AB, a manufacturer of GaN-on-SiC epitaxial wafers based on unique epitaxial growth technologies for telecom, satellite, defense, and power applications, has announced that they have relocated their headquarters to a new facility in Linköping, Sweden. The new facility combines a lab housing several production tools and an administration and office area. Concurrently, SweGaN announced the introduction of 150 mm (6-inch) QuanFINE GaN-on-SiC epiwafers to its product portfolio for RF and high-power switching devices.

The new headquarters are located 200 meters from Linköping University and 10 km from Linköping’s international airport, making easy access for customer and partner visits. The new SweGaN facility - constructed with meter-thick concrete walls and formerly used by the Swedish Défense Research Agency (FOI) - opened in Q1 2020.

In addition, responding to significant customer demand for larger QuanFINE products, SweGaN has swiftly developed the growth process for 150 mm epiwafers and successfully delivered the new 150 mm QuanFINE epiwafers to customers, starting already in Q1 2020. The 150 mm epiwafers will boost the manufacturing capacity of GaN-on-SiC RF devices for various applications.

The new product signals that SweGaN is aligning its production capacity and capability closely with their customers’ needs for the rapidly expanding 5G networks, defense radars, and satellite communication. The 150 mm QuanFINE product will also facilitate the development of high-end GaN power devices, where price-performance ratio and reliability are critical elements for the customers.

Since device manufacturers usually execute over 100 steps during the fabrication of a device, a larger epiwafer means manufacturers can produce more devices in the same cycle time, creating clear benefits for a better return-on investment.

The QuanFINE™ structure is built on the concept of a GaN-SiC hybrid material, that combines the high-electron-velocity thin GaN with the high-breakdown bulk SiC, which has been realized by SweGaN’s revolutionary MOCVD process and proven to be competent for the use in both high-frequency and power transistors. For high-frequency applications, QuanFINE™ features a buffer-free HEMT heterostructure, where the AlN nucleation layer serves effectively as a back-side barrier. Therefore, the electrons in the thin GaN channel (< 250 nm) are well confined in the quantum-well–like structure by the front-side and back-side barriers. For power applications, QuanFINE™ utilizes the semi-insulating SiC substrate as the voltage blocking layer, the quality and resistivity of which is significantly higher than the conventional thick carbon-doped GaN buffer layer. Moreover, it also offers the best thermal management in the class, resulting from the nearly perfect GaN–SiC interface.

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