New LoRa Based M-Bus Range Extender for Existing Metering Networks

Following the success of its LoRa product portfolio, IMST GmbH has presented a new LoRaWAN® certified WM-Bus Range Extender to collect Wireless M-Bus messages from utility meters and forward them to a LoRaWAN network.

LoRa technology is a great way to increase the range of wireless communication systems. The new WM-Bus Range Extender combines two modulation techniques and communication protocol stacks in a single device. The integrated memory and the ultra-low-power mode provided by the new iM881A-XL radio module ensure a long battery life of up to 10 years and more.

This product allows filtering Wireless M-Bus messages by Manufacturer ID (M-field) and Sender Address (A-field) to select specific groups of meters. The intelligent calendar enables a flexible configuration of events and repetition intervals (minutes, hours, days, weeks…). Even large WM-Bus messages can be forwarded with LoRaWAN radio packets by means of an integrated segmentation and reassembly protocol.

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  • Country: Germany
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