ViaLite GPS over Fiber Links Used at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange

ViaLite, a designer and manufacturer of RF products, was asked to supply distributed GPS equipment for the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York for the first time. The GPS/GNSS over fiber kit is being used to feed mission-critical timing and synchronization signals over optical fiber to multiple S650 GPS referenced NTP time servers.

Stock exchanges need to offer their clients the fastest possible trading speeds and, for this, their IT systems have to be provided with highly accurate timing signals, which can be obtained from GPS/GNSS satellite networks. 

The ViaLite GNSS/GPS over fiber link allows for timing distribution and accurate synchronization using GPS-derived timing signals.  The links are a reliable method for transporting GPS signals from antennas to receivers/re-radiators and provide a simple solution for signal distribution over long distances and to inaccessible locations.

  • Transmits all common GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and BeiDou bands.
  • L1 and L2 GPS frequencies.
  • Link operation 1 m to 50 km.
  • >50 km systems also available.
  • GPS antenna powering and monitoring.
  • Time server load input/spoofing.
  • Simple plug and play.
  • MiFID II standard.
  • Fiber-Span replacement product.
  • 5-year warranty as standard.

ViaLite was chosen for its performance attributes that are not readily available elsewhere in the RF over fiber market, as well as for its best in class quality, reliability, and support. Click here to see RF Over fiber links from Vitalite.