Spirent Federal Awarded $1.8 Million to Support a Major Military PNT Program

Spirent Federal Systems, a leader in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) testing solutions, was awarded another multi-million dollar contract supporting a major military program. The Spirent Simulator provides multiple outputs for CRPA and FRPA applications, including inertial sensor outputs (SimINERTIAL). It includes GPS L1/L2, interference signals, Y-code & SAASM, and M-code signals.

Spirent Federal Systems is the trusted partner of major defense organizations and has reliably and consistently delivered robust PNT solutions for critical systems, for over 30 years. Customer support is at the heart of what they do and will help users whenever in need. 

Key Features of the SimINERTIAL testing system:

  • Using SimINERTIAL with a Spirent simulator provides real-time emulation from the laboratory, so reducing the time needed for field trials substantially.
  • SimINERTIAL is equipped with fully user-configurable sensor error modeling and supports a range of popular Inertial formats. New test scenarios can readily be established, running in real-time, with no pre-processing required.
  • The SimINERTIAL architecture is compatible with a wide range of Inertial sensor simulations. NATO STANAG and Atlantic Inertial Systems are supported, as well as a wide range of Honeywell and Northrop Grumman IGI and IMU interfaces, for authorized customers.
  • Spirent's optional SimDATA product can also be used to fulfill core control and display unit (CDU) functions.

This procurement follows several other recent awards totaling over $4.6 Million supporting the recent space launch in Florida. The customer stated that Spirent Federal was selected because they have a team that can be counted on for support before and after the sale. They offer years of experience in selecting the right solution.

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