UMS Announces New Power Amplifiers for 5G and Space Applications

UMS, a European leader for RF & millimeter-wave GaAs and GaN products and solutions, has enhanced its portfolio with a new GaN Medium Power Amplifier (CHA6710-FAB) in surface-mount hermetic package compatible with space requirements and a Low-Noise Amplifier (CHA2595-QDG) in a low cost 4x4 mm2 QFN plastic package.

Medium Power Amplifier (CHA6710-FAB)

The CHA6710-FAB operates over a frequency range from 8 to 12.75 GHz and is designed in particular for X-Band radar and space Ku downlink communication systems. It exhibits 5W of saturated output power, 35% Power Added Efficiency (PAE), and 22.5 dB linear gain. This circuit is designed on a UMS proprietary space evaluated 0.25 μm GaN HEMT process. This product is also available as a bare die (CHA6710-99F).

Product Summary:
  • Frequency range: 8-12.75 GHz 
  • Linear gain: 22.5 dB 
  • Saturated Output Power: 5 W 
  • Associated Power Added Efficiency: 35% 
  • DC bias: 25V@ 0.2A 
  • 6x6mm2 hermetic metal-ceramic package 

Low-Noise Amplifier (CHA2595-QDG)

The CHA2595-QDG operates at a frequency from 27.5 to 43.5 GHz and exhibits very low noise @ 2.3dB and low consumption at 3.3V@61mA. The CHA2595-QDG is recommended for applications such as 5G MIMO antenna, 28/32/38/42GHz radio links, SATCOM links, radar receivers and test instrumentation. This circuit is designed on a UMS proprietary space evaluated 0.10 μm GaAs very low noise pHEMT process.

Product Summary: 
  • Frequency range: 27.5-43.5GHz 
  • Linear gain: 19.5dB 
  • Noise Figure: 2.3dB 
  • P1dB: 11dBm 
  • OIP3: >20dBm 
  • DC bias: 3.3V@ 61mA 
  • 4x4mm2 QFN plastic package 

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