ETS-Lindgren’s 5G FR1 Test Solution Gets Leading US Carrier Approval

ETS-Lindgren announced that its 5G FR1 Test solution is now certified to meet the requirements of the 5G NR FR1 Supplementary RF Test Plan. The certified system features a dual ring AMS-8923 far field anechoic chamber and Anritsu's MT8000A network emulator. Industry leading EMQuest™ EMQ-100 software controls the overall test sequence. RF test data using the carrier specific network parameters for EN-DC and carrier aggregation were collected using the AMS-8923 system installed at SGS North America Inc. in Branchburg, New Jersey, USA.

The AMS-8923 in Branchburg, New Jersey, complements the AMS-8923 located at the SGS San Diego, California facility. With the success of the San Diego chamber installed in 2016, SGS now conveniently offers a coast-to-coast wireless test services for its customers.

ETS-Lindgren worked closely with both SGS and Anritsu achieve this milestone. The AMS-8923 system at SGS was upgraded for 5G testing with little downtime and enabled SGS to support early 5G customer demand. Their 5G upgrade can be applied to most antenna pattern measurement systems and is a direct overlay for CTIA and 3GPP over-the-air (OTA) RF measurement systems. Going forward, ETS-Lindgren will add additional network emulator support to EMQuest and continue to certify the platform combinations for carriers and the pending CTIA and 3GPP 5G FR1 test plans.

Adnan Khan, Manager of Market Development for Anritsu, stated that Anritsu’s extensive portfolio of 5G products address many test requirements and standards, but partners like ETS-Lindgren help extend their reach and speed the certification efforts. Many of the standards are first revision, so a co-ordinated effort is the best way to support the many hundreds of tests necessary to launch successful 5G products.

The combination of ETS-Lindgren and Anritsu 5G test solutions address the vast majority of certification and compliance requirements for FR1 and FR2 capable devices.

ETS-Lindgren also installed the world's first CTIA Authorized Test Lab. Their active contributions to CTIA and other industry standards organizations have resulted in many industry-first efforts that advance the technology for wireless device test and measurement. Customers rely on ETS-Lindgren's ongoing industry standards involvement to ensure they are prepared to meet not only today's standards, but tomorrow's as well. Their latest technical advancements include customized 5G NR test systems to meet specific user requirements for FR1 and FR2 applications. They also continue to support legacy 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies with Wi-Fi protocols.

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