Lion Semiconductor and Renesas to Develop 50 Watt Wireless Charging Solutions

Lion Semiconductor has announced that it is working with Renesas Electronics Corporation to develop ultra-high-speed wireless charging solutions with up to 50 W for use in flagship smartphones and other mobile devices. This work was driven by the growing demand for high-speed wireless charging as a standard feature in smartphones.

The Lion Semiconductor and Renesas reference design will help enable smartphone OEMs to quickly and cost-effectively implement ultra-fast wireless charging on flagship smartphones, expanding the reach of wireless power technology. The solution combines Lion Semiconductor's high-efficiency switched-capacitor DC-DC converter with Renesas's high voltage wireless charger IC, enabling smartphones to wirelessly charge efficiently at ultra-high speeds with low heat dissipation.

Renesas is committed to enabling its customers to develop leading-edge wireless charging solutions. Through this collaboration with Lion for a higher power solution, consumers will enjoy the fast wireless charging experience on their next-generation 5G smartphones and other high-performance portable devices.

Lion Semiconductor develops market-leading high-efficiency switched-capacitor charger ICs for fast charging. Working with Renesas will help give more customers access to fast, high-efficiency wireless charging experience.

Lion Semiconductor is the global leader in high-efficiency switched-capacitor power ICs for ultra-fast wired and wireless charging in smartphones, laptops, and various mobile devices.