Resonant Delivers First XBAR 5 GHz Full Band Wi-Fi Samples

Resonant Delivers First XBAR 5 GHz Full Band Wi-Fi Samples712370

Resonant Inc., a company creating innovative filter designs for RF, front-ends for the mobile device industry, has delivered a complete 5G XBAR WiFi sample kit to an existing partner with extensive foundry and broad distribution relationships that support the major OEMs throughout Asia.

George B. Holmes, Chairman and CEO of Resonant, commented that by delivering samples before the end of June, they met their target of sampling the first 5G XBAR non-mobile samples by the end of the first half 2020. The XBAR technology delivers the best-in-class wide bandwidth and low insertion loss performance required for the world’s cutting edge 5G applications. Their partner’s target applications for XBAR technology include infrastructure, opening up additional non-mobile opportunities for their XBAR 6E, and n77/n79.

Resonant’s complete 5G XBAR 5 GHz Full Band WiFi sample kit includes samples, matched and non-matched EVBs, and test plan. XBAR is the company’s high-performance resonator technology for high-frequency, wide-bandwidth applications such as 5G NR devices and WiFi systems, developed using Resonant’s Infinite Synthesized Networks® (ISN®) software platform. Resonant’s XBAR-based filters operate in frequency bands supporting either 5G or Wi-Fi up to 7125 MHz (in the case of WiFi 6E) with bandwidth over 1000 MHz, which the company believes is industry-leading 18% relative bandwidth. These filters also achieve low loss (<1.5 dB) across the band and excellent rejection to adjacent interfering frequencies (>50 dB).

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