RADWIN Gets FCC Approval to Operate its Beamforming 5 GHz Base Stations at Higher Power Levels

Leading global wireless broadband solutions provider, RADWIN, has announced that the FCC has granted a waiver to allow the company’s Point-to-MultiPoint JET base stations, that incorporate steered beam technology (multiple sequential beams) to operate with higher power that exceeds the limits allowed for point-to-multipoint systems at UNII bands. The waiver grant order was issued on July 16, 2020 for a period of 60 days.

In its Order, granting RADWIN with this waiver, Ronald Repasi, Acting Chief of Engineering and Technology at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stated that the organization found, granting RADWIN's requested waiver promises, to deliver several benefits to consumers of wireless internet service providers that will allow them to stay connected and access essential services during the ongoing challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Higher power will provide improved system performance and increased capacity to enable service to more customers simultaneously. This improved performance and capacity will particularly benefit customers in remote areas by providing better access to important services such as telehealth during the current pandemic.

According to Adi Nativ, VP Global Business Development at RADWIN, aspiring to help wireless service providers working in the 5 GHz bands to better address the surge of demand for broadband connectivity during the pandemic, RADWIN requested this waiver for its JET base station series that employs directional steered beam antenna technology.

RADWIN applauded the FCC for taking steps to enhance network performance during a time when there is a surging demand for broadband, and thanked the FCC on behalf of the service providers who will utilize this waiver to simply and quickly relieve network overload and enhance the user experience.

Wireless service providers that have already deployed RADWIN JET base-stations and added their name to the waiver request can now increase transmission power to provide improved system performance and increased capacity, key to improving broadband services to each user as well as getting and keeping more customers online at the same time.

Click here to view the full Radwin waiver grant order by the FCC.

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  • Country: United States
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