AT&S Expands their Design and Simulation Capabilities with IMST GmbH

With the aim of jointly developing high-frequency technology solutions, AT&S has concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with IMST GmbH in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. IMST is a leading design and development center for radar, radio modules, communication systems, chip design, antennas, and regulatory certification and has its own accredited test center. IMST offers standard products such as radio modules with hardware / software as well as complete system and product developments.

AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer, commented that with this partnership, they are extending their service offering and will be able to provide technical solutions for the interconnect challenges of the customers. With a competent partner like IMST, they can use synergies to build up specific know-how in the field of electronics development and, consequently, fuel their development projects and significantly reduce the time to market for the innovations. The aim is to offer jointly developed solutions to external partners, thus creating additional benefits for the customers. Going forward, the customers have the advantage that they are able to not only provide PCBs to them. AT&S will be a sparring partner who evaluates the design and architecture of the solution and helps to reduce the development time and time to market significantly. This fits perfectly into their “More than AT&S” strategy, as they now see themselves as a solution provider.

IMST founder and CEO Peter Waldow, commented that as a global technology leader in the high-tech printed circuit board sector, AT&S is a perfect partner for them. Since they use each other’s strengths and work closely together, they can offer the market an even better solution in the future. At IMST, they benefit from the AT&S-know-how in the field of high-tech printed circuit boards and substrates; AT&S can fall back on their design competence in the field of high-frequency.

One of the first projects of the new cooperation is a simulation to evaluate the differences in radiation between a standard solution and an embedded version. The effect of the magnetic radiation from the electronics should be evaluated using simulation as well as real measurements. AT&S already has specific know-how in this area, but aims to expand these resources with the help of IMST

Christian Vockenberger, Senior Manager Product Development at AT&S, stated that with IMST, they intend to expand their system and design expertise in the area of RF modules and proactively offer the skills in the area of system development. This knowledge exchange would make it possible to create sustainable value and IP by implementing new ideas. 


  • Country: Germany
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