Copper Mountain Technologies Showcases Innovative VNA Measurement Solutions at IMS 2020

At IMS 2020, leading RF/Microwave test and measurement experts, Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT), is virtually showcasing its latest portfolio of VNA solutions for applications including Semiconductors, Materials Measurement, IoT, Automotive, Medical Devices, Satellite, Aerospace, Broadcast and more. IMS 2020 was meant to take place in Los Angeles in June, however was moved to a virtual format that is taking place online this week from 4-6 August. All presentations and material will remain online through September.

Here is Copper Mountain Technologies’ IMS Exhibition Virtual Booth Schedule:


10 AM PDT: NEW - SMD Test Solution up to 20 GHz and Automatic Fixture Removal Plug-in for CMT VNAs

The SMD Test Suite is a comprehensive product for manual, non-destructive characterization of 0402 components with the use of a 2-Port 20 GHz Cobalt VNA. This demo will walk you through this non-destructive testing method which reduces the cost and test time for measuring discreet components over a wide frequency range from 100 kHz up to 20 GHz—an industry first!

Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) VNA software plug-in enables the measurement of a wide range of components through comprehensive methods tailored to specific fixture properties. This demo will provide a feel for the intuitive AFR software, which moves the calibration plane towards hard to access DUTs and guides the de-embedding process using either time-gating, filtering, or bisect methods. These methods provide the user with better measurement accuracy and reliability based on the components being tested. The AFR software plug-in is easy to use and is compatible with all CMT Cobalt series VNAs and Compact series two-port, two-path VNAs.

12 PM PDT: NEW 43.5 GHz VNA for Scalar Mixer Calibration

Frequency offset measurement capability is standard on all Copper Mountain Technologies two and four-port VNAs. This allows an engineer to measure the return loss and conversion loss of a mixer. The auxiliary source available on all four-port models can be used to drive the LO port making this measurement very easy to set up. For IMS, this demo will be shown using the recently released S5243 2-port 43 GHz Compact VNA.

2 PM PDT: NEW - Third Order Intercept Plug-in with a Cobalt C1420 VNA

This setup highlights CMT’s Third Order Intercept plug-in being used with a 2-Port Cobalt VNA. The plug-in measures output IP3 of an amplifier over a range of frequencies and provides either charted results, or tabular results, which can be saved. View this demo for a guided walkthrough of the IP3 measurement process from start to finish. Click here for more information on the C1420 VNA.


10 AM PDT: NEW University Kit Demonstration

CMT’s University Kit is a complete solution (VNA, calibration module, DUTs, and related accessories) designed to assist educational institutions as they teach RF skills to engineering students. The University Kit combines RF theory with a robust hands-on VNA experience. This demo will showcase some of the measurement experiences you will be able to provide to your students with the University Kit solution.

*Repeat Demonstration at 4 PM PDT.

12 PM PDT: IoTest Kit for Accurate Antenna Testing

IoTest antenna testing kit has been specifically designed to help those working with IoT devices select and test the right antenna for their project, incorporating easy-to-use hardware, software, cable assembly and sample antennas, as well as educational materials and easy-to-follow guides. During this demo you will be shown the functionality of IoTest Kit which will help you learn how to test antenna performance, evaluate antenna measurements, and improve your antenna performance.

*Repeat Demonstration at 6 PM PDT.

2 PM PDT: Cable Measurements using Frequency and Time Domain with a 1-Port VNA

Frequency and Time Domain measurements are valuable for determining return loss, SWR, and impedance of a cable. In this demo, you will see how to perform these measurements with CMT’s R180 1-Port VNA and detect potential problem areas within a cable. Time domain and frequency offset mode are standard features on all CMT VNAs (excluding M Series models).

*Repeat Demonstration at 8 PM PDT.

3 PM PDT: Filter Testing with Compact 2-Port VNA

SC Series VNAs are CMT’s highest performance Compact VNAs. In this demo the performance and capabilities of the SC5090 VNA will be highlighted as it is used to perform and analyze the measurements of a bandpass filter.

*Repeat Demonstration at 7 PM PDT.


10 AM PDT: Differential Cable Measurements with a 4-Port VNA

The demand for high data rates drives the need for differential transmission lines to be properly characterized. This demo will feature differential measurements with the use of CMT’s Cobalt C4409 4-Port 9 GHz VNA.

*Repeat Demonstration at 6 PM PDT.

12 PM EDT: NEW 43.5 GHz VNA for Scalar Mixer Calibration

Frequency offset measurement capability is standard on all Copper Mountain Technologies two and four-port VNAs. This allows an engineer to measure the return loss and conversion loss of a mixer. The auxiliary source available on all four-port models can be used to drive the LO port making this measurement very easy to set up. For IMS, this demo will be shown using the soon to be released S5243 2-port 43 GHz Compact VNA.

*Repeat Demonstration at 8 PM PDT.

2 PM PDT: Introduction to RNVNA - Multiport Network Analysis Solution

RNVNA solution is a customizable multiport network analysis solution for MIMO antenna testing and other 5G applications. In this demo you will learn about the setup, system requirements, and capabilities of this antenna testing solution which links up to 16 1-Port analyzers together into a single solution, allowing users to measure vector reflection and scalar transmission parameters.

4 PM PDT: mmWave Testing with CobaltFx Frequency Extension System

CMT has a number of frequency extension modules available from 18 to 110 GHz that work with our frequency extender compatible Cobalt VNAs. Users can build a cost-effective solution by using a 9 GHz VNA with CMT extenders or make measurements up to 330 GHz by pairing a 20 GHz Cobalt VNA with 3rd party extenders. During IMS virtual exhibition you will see our FEV-12 and FEV-15 extenders used for high frequency filter measurements.


Compass Technology Group (CTG) is focused on taking innovative materials measurement research to product. CTG integrates Copper Mountain Technologies’ network analyzers into their systems with probes. Their systems include conventional and advanced measurements, such as free space, resonant cavity, and waveguides. Together with CMT, Compass Technology Group has developed the Epsilometer Solution for measuring the dielectric properties of materials measures dielectric substrate materials at frequencies from 3 MHz up to 6 GHz and can accommodate sheet specimens 0.3 to 3 mm thick.

During the IMS Exhibition, Compass Technology Group is using a mmWave Focused Beam system with a Cobalt VNA and FEV-12 60-90 GHz extenders, the Focused Beam system with a CMT VNA, CTG Table Top system with a CMT VNA, and the AMMP probe mounted on a robot with an R180 1-Port VNA are available for live demonstrations from 9 AM - 4 PM PDT. 

The Compass Technology Group and Copper Mountain joint demonstrations will include:

Radome Scanning with Probe and R180 VNA

This demo will show how to perform an automated scan of an aircraft radome to detect potential flaws. To make this measurement, a robot with a mounted R180 VNA is directly connected to a spot probe antenna. This system uses an automated scan to make a ‘microwave map’ that easily identifies any flaws.

Focus Beam Material Measurement System

This demo will display the capabilities of Compass Technology Group’s mmWave Focus Beam System for materials measurement. A CMT 2-port Cobalt VNA will send an RF signal to a FEV extender module. An E band frequency signal will then propagate through a low loss dielectric lens which will focus the energy onto a single spot of the substance being measured, before passing through to the second extender module and ultimately being sent back to the VNA.

Focus Beam Fundamentals

This demo provides an overview of the fundamentals, measurement process, and data processing features for a pair of focus beam systems from Compass Technology Group.  One system is suited for low frequency measurements (as low as 2 GHz) and the other is ideal for high frequency measurements (up to 110 GHz). These methods are used to measure the free space properties of both dielectric and magnetic materials.

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