Affordable, Modular & Compact mm-Wave Test Chambers and 3D Positioners

At the Virtual IMS 2020 Event, Milliwave Silicon Solutions showcased the MilliBox product line. MilliBox is a family of mmWave test chambers and 3D positioners that are affordable, modular, compact, and based on an open test framework.

mmWave Chambers

MilliBox chamber size is selected to satisfy far-field requirements, and extension “cubes” can be added later if the need arises. The four top corners of the chamber feature passthrough access for accessories like air extraction, cameras, lights, or sensors. Other accessories, like sniffer mounts and fixed or oscillating trihedral corner reflector mounts, are also available.

MilliBox chambers are built of modular construction components allowing the creation of several configurations to address differing needs. The MBX0x series is made of 60cm (24”) cubic modules and the MBX3x series of 80cm (30”) cubic modules.

At mmWave frequencies, the far-field dimension is small enough so that MilliBox chambers can comfortably fit on a lab benchtop. The deck has multiple measurement positions with 8cm (3”) pass-through holes for direct wiring without connector ports.

MilliBox chambers come standard with a GIM01 3D DUT positioner, matching HOR01 horn post with WR2.2 to WR15 horn clamp, power supply, USB dongle, and Python controller software. Other options are available.

mm-Wave Positioners

MilliBox offers several positioners for different DUT size and weight requirements. The positioners are built of high-performance printed PLA biomaterial with low dielectric constant limiting stray reflections. The wiring to the DUT is done using a passthrough in the horizontal and vertical bearings to prevent wire tangling during operation.

A laser crosshair guide helps precisely align the initial DUT boresight direction to the measurement horn. The real-time position control is achieved with the feedback of a built-in 12-bit absolute position encoder.

MilliBox positioners are controlled over USB with Python software delivered in the source. The software also controls any SCPI-compatible instrument connected by LAN, GPIB, or USB. All this helps to seamlessly integrate MilliBox into your existing RF testing environment. Many radiation pattern types like HV plots or 3D plots come standard and can be easily modified and augmented as desired.

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