Mini-Circuits Showcases its Advancements in RF Energy & mm-Wave Products at IMS 2020

Mini-Circuits is a silver sponsor of IMS 2020, the leading 'Virtual' event for the RF & Microwave Industry. IMS 2020, which was meant to take place in Los Angeles in June, was moved to a virtual format that is taking place online this week from 4-6 August. All presentations and materials will remain online through September 30 (on-demand). 

Here is what Mini Circuits’ is showcasing at IMS 2020: 

Entering the RF Energy Market

As the global industrial market for RF energy products migrates from magnetrons and tubes to solid state power amplifiers, Mini-Circuits is building out a portfolio with a new range of fully-integrated solid state power amplifiers supporting the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands.

Fueling the mmWave Revolution

Mini-Circuits is extending its tradition of industry-leading quality to higher frequencies and new technologies to help make customer’s vision of a faster, smarter, more connected world a reality. Hundreds of new products expanding coverage to 86 GHz and beyond give the technology needed to redefine what's possible with the peace of mind that comes with knowing of getting everything expected.

  • MMICs to 45 GHz
  • Connectorized Amplifiers to 43.5 GHz
  • Connectorized Passives up to 65 GHz
  • LTCC Products up to 30 GHz

2020 Exhibition Highlights

Mini-Circuits is innovating new products and capabilities at a relentless pace to help the industry redefine what's possible. The company’s virtual exhibition space showcases highlights from the hundreds of new products released in the last year.

  • Broadband Up to 45 GHz
  • QFN Package and Bare Die
  • In-House Packaging Facilities
LTCC Products
  • Filters, Baluns, Couplers and Splitters
  • New Models up to 30 GHz
  • Case Styles as small as 0202
Power Amplifiers
  • Over 60 Models up to 100W
  • New Design CapabilityExtending to 1kW

  • Technology for Every Application
  • Over 3000 Models in Stock
  • Custom Designs with Fast Turnaround
Test Solutions
  • Improve Test Efficiency and Throughput
  • Flexible Custom Systems for almost Any Test Setup
  • Switching, Level Control and More!
Connectorized Passives
  • Adapters, Attenuators, Cables, Couplers, Splitters & Terminations
  • Ultra-Wideband up to 65 GHz

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