Tecdia Exhibits 5G Varactors, Capacitors, Resistors, and Substrate Products at IMS 2020

Tecdia, high-tech electronic components and equipment, precision-machined tools, and solution consulting services provider, is virtually exhibiting at IMS 2020. They are highlighting their newest product addition 5G Varactors, tight tolerance ultra-small resistors and conventional capacitor and thin-film substrate products.

List of Products which Tecdia is Showcasing at IMS 2020:

Thin-Film Substrates: Their thin-film substrates divisions combine over 35 years of experience in ceramics, machining, wafer processing, and micro-circuits into one group that specializes in advanced ceramic substrate technologies. Tecdia’s engineers push the limits of ceramic technology while maintaining the standard of quality that Tecdia has always been known for. Processes such as bridges, laser drilled through holes, and dry etched fine patterns are all specialized for low-loss, small package communication devices. Their substrates are for engineers that wish to improve the speed, coherence, and form factor of their devices. Tecdia underpins the future of ceramic process technology.

Rectangular SLCs

Key Features
  • Large aspect ratio up to 8:1
  • Matches the length of GaN or other die being used
  • Customizable size, shape and thickness
  • Au wire-bondable
  • 0.5 pF up to 1000s of pF
  • Working voltage rating up to 200V
  • Reduced BOM count

Solder-Ready SLCs

Key Features
  • Easier and faster eutectic die attach process
  • No need for Gold-Tin (AuSn) preforms
  • Decreased BOM count
  • No cap-to-preform alignment issues
  • No preform handling issues
  • AuSn 80:20 wt% with 10um nom. thickness

Ground Blocks

Key Features
  • Customizable size, thickness and metallization layers.
  • Low impedance at high frequencies.
  • Prevents creep-up of solder and epoxy.
  • Orientation recognizable at a glance.
  • Good thermal match with alumina substrates.

IRC™ Integrated Resistor-Capacitor

By combining and integrating a capacitor and a resistor on a single ceramic chip made with Tecdia’s Class IV (K=16,000) dielectric material, Tecdia helps you economize space within your devices and reduce component count.

Key Features
  • Less parts to buy and install.
  • Less circuit space used, and a connection eliminated, with improved reliability and quicker installation
  • Good temperature characteristics 〔TCC=X7S(±22%)、TCR=-100±50ppm/°C〕
  • High withstanding (breakdown) voltage
  • Solderable chip mounting

Diamond Pickup Tools

Key Features
  • Exhibits longer service life

    The contacting part of the pickup tool is made from diamond to suppress tip wear and achieve a longer service life. This enables the replacement frequency to be reduced, contributing to reduced equipment downtime.

  • Completely customizable manufacturing

    We cater to special shapes or material requests to support the different equipment and know-how of our customers.

ARQUE Nozzles

Tecdia has created a lineup of four different nozzle categories based on their core Arque nozzle design. 

  • ARQUE: Tecdia’s primary dispensing nozzle.
  • ARQUE SELECT: A cost-emphasised model taking the basic Arque specifications intended for mass production.
  • ARQUE CUSTOM: The same shape as Arque but with customizable inner straight section length and tip I.D.
  • ARQUE PREMIUM: Ultra-fine and high precision nozzles that push the limits for the latest R&D technology.

Tecdia is now ITAR Compliant!

Here is Tecdia's IMS Exhibition Virtual Presentation Schedule:

August 4th – 6th

  • 10:00 AM PST – Company Introduction (30 Mins + Q&A)
  • 1:00 PM PST – New Tecdia Varactors with Daniel Young (15 Mins + Q&A)
  • 4:00 PM PST – Company Introduction (30 Mins + Q&A)

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