Teledyne Launches a New Business Unit in the UK

Teledyne Aerospace & Defense Electronics UK (TADE UK) has announced the addition of a new business unit - Teledyne Energetics UK to its brand portfolio. The new company is headquartered in Lincoln, England. TADE UK now consists of 8 distinct business units, including Teledyne CML Composites; Teledyne Defence & Space; Teledyne Defence Australia; Teledyne Energetics UK; Teledyne Labtech Limited; Teledyne Lincoln Microwave; Teledyne Paradise Datacom; and Teledyne Reynolds UK.

Teledyne Energetics UK designs and develops solutions for the safety, arming, and initiation technology sector, in particular military energetic devices from components through to complete systems.

Teledyne Energetics UK at a glance:

  • Active in safety, arming and initiation technology since 1984.
  • ITAR-free solutions designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Operational in more than 27 active and deployed systems around the world.
  • Instrumental in the move to electronic fuzing, increasing safety and reliability.
  • Able to leverage the expertise and capabilities of the wider Teledyne company.

Some of the flagship product lines are as follows:

  • Active vehicle safety system.
  • Sea mine fuzes.
  • Modular artillery fuzes.
  • Flight termination units; electronic Safe & Arm Units (eSAUs).
  • Electronic Ignition Safety Devices (eISDs).

By joining the Teledyne Defense & Aerospace Electronics UK family of companies under its own new Teledyne brand, they believe Energetics UK can better define their capabilities to customers as they execute go-to-market strategies. Teledyne Energetics UK supplies eSAU and eISD units to over 27 active weapons systems, including missiles, torpedoes, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) systems for warhead initiation and rocket motor ignition.