AT&T Certifies Airgain's Modem and Antenna Platform for its LTE Network

Airgain, a leading provider of advanced antenna technologies developed the innovative AirgainConnect. This platform combines an integrated antenna system and LTE modem inside of a single rooftop enclosure, designed for easy installation while meeting the demanding connectivity needs of fleet and enterprise vehicles. AT&T has now certified AirgainConnect for operating on the carrier’s LTE network. 

By integrating the modem within an antenna assembly, AirgainConnect is capable of transmitting the maximum allowable radiated power directly to the LTE antenna elements. AirgainConnect’s patented technology provides greater transmit power at the antenna when compared to the router’s conventional modem and antenna. Achieving the first network certification is an important milestone for Airgain and the AirgainConnect platform, as it reaffirms the commitment to provide high-quality solutions that meet the highest performance and reliability standards.

Features of AirgainConnect platform:

  • Increase in the coverage area.
  • Higher data rates for optimal throughput.
  • Enhanced building penetration.
  • AirgainConnect includes three high gain LTE antennas, two or three high gain tri-band Wi-Fi antennas, including the new 6GHz ISM band for Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), and an active GNSS element inside a single rugged and compact housing.

AirgainConnect utilizes higher levels of integration to maintain a sleek form factor, representing a paradigm shift in automotive fleet connectivity platforms and with it creating the opportunity to unlock expansive applications. They are extremely proud to have created a platform capable of servicing automotive fleet public safety and enterprise applications, with an advanced solution providing dramatically improved coverage and higher throughput.

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  • Country: United States
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