Ampleon Showcases LDMOS & GaN Base Station Power Amplifiers at IMS 2020

Ampleon is exhibiting its cellular base station power amplifiers at the virtual International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2020. IMS 2020 was scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, California from 21-26 June 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is taking place virtually from 4 - 6 August 2020. However, all presentations and materials will stay online until 30 September 2020. 

We have highlighted some of the key products that Ampleon has featured in their Virtual Booth:

Sub-1 GHz High Power 80 W Line-up


  • 48 V LDMOS Sub-1 GHz MMIC Driver
  • Symmetric wideband MMIC driver in OMP780 package
  • Enables a single supply voltage line-up when combined with our Gen9HV Doherty transistors
  • Suitable for 600 to 960 MHz


  • 48 V LDMOS Sub-1 GHz multiband PA final in OMP1230 package
  • Record power and efficiency from a single-package LDMOS Doherty
  • Suitable for 600 to 960 MHz
  • Gain > 53 dB (925-960 MHz Iine-up )
  • Efficiency > 46 % (925-960 MHz Iine-up )

2.1 GHz Macro Base Station 60 W Line-up


  • 2-stage fully integrated LDMOS Doherty PA in OMP400 package
  • 365 MHz SBW enables multi-band operation
  • High Linearity in driver mode
  • Compact low-cost solution with outstanding thermal performance


  • Highly efficient and cost-effective PA up to 60 W Macro Base Stations
  • Gain > 44 dB (2110-2170 MHz Iine-up)
  • Efficiency > 49 % (2110-2170 MHz Iine-up)

5 W PA for Open-RAN N78 64T Applications


  • Fully integrated 5 W LDMOS Doherty in PQFN package
  • Multi-band, can be used from 3.3 to 3.9 GHz
  • High efficiency for mMIMO and Driver applications
  • Cost-effective and compact PQFN package
  • Proven performance in Open-RAN 64T applications in N78 band

Fully Matched PA Module for Small Cell and Driver Applications


  • 2-stage fully input and output matched integrated LDMOS Doherty PA in 7 x 7 mm2LGA package
  • High Efficiency in mMIMO mode, High Linearity in driver mode
  • Compact and low-cost solution with outstanding thermal properties
  • A family of products covering most of 3GPP bands from 0.7 -4 GHz

B) Coming Up Next for 5G mMIMO

Ampleon is Ready for 5G mMIMO

5G is already here – and it is becoming commercial. Ampleon has been working hard building massive MIMO solutions to address 5G requirements with

  • High performance 
  • Lower cost and size
  • DPD friendly
  • Higher level of integration

High-Performance GaN PA Family

Ampleon is continuously striving for supporting customers with technology-agnostic solutions. They have introduced GaN into their 5G portfolio which is optimized to meet today's performance requirements with cutting edge efficiency for sub-6 GHz 5G bands.

GaN PA family for mMIMO

  • 2500 - 3800 MHz frequency bands
  • Discrete drivers and finals

C4H2350N10 + C4H2527N55 line-up solution

  • 2500 - 2700 MHz, 50 V, 8 W operation
  • Competitive Doherty Gain and PAE across band 41
  • Compact line-up design in 4 x 4.5 mm and 7 x 6.5 mm DFN packages

Cost-Effective DPD-friendly LDMOS PA

Ampleon is successfully introducing enhanced cost-effective and DPD-friendly LDMOS technologies to match sub-6 GHz band's needs. Complete product families with excellent thermal performance and easily linearized high efficiency are key for green 5G.

Integrated LDMOS PA for mMIMO Family

  • 2300 - 4100 MHz frequency bands
  • 64T and 32T mMIMO


  • 2300 - 2700 MHz, 28 V, 8 W operation
  • Record high linearized PAE across bands 40 and 41
  • Cost leading thermally enhanced 8 x 8 mm PQFN package

Further Integrated PA Module Family

5G spectral efficiency requirements are challenging operators on total system size and cost. Ampleon’sanswer to those challenges is a family of further levels of  integration in PA modules for 5G. Key features are easily integrated and increase component consistency and production yield with fully matched and calibrated solutions. This provides the optimal level of integration in a smaller footprint with improved RF performance and decreased cost.

Power Amplifier Module Family for mMIMO:

  • 2300 - 4100 MHz frequency bands
  • 64T and 32T mMIMO
  • Fully matched and fully calibrated solution for ease of use and more consistency
  • Optimized levels of integration for system cost savings
  • Uncompromised RF performance in LGA footprint for different power levels

In the coming months, Ampleon will be announcing new leading products for 5G massive MIMO solutions. 

Ampleon is also presenting a pre-recorded technical presentation on “2.6 GHz compact 40W fully integrated 3-way Doherty for 5G applications” lead by Marc Vigneau (IMS microapps reference TUMA6). This showcase is available from 08:00 PDT on Tuesday, 4 August through till 30 September 2020. 

Click here to access the showcase via the IMS microapp presentation platform.

Click here to view everythingRF’s coverage of IMS 2020 for more highlights from the virtual event.


  • Country: Netherlands
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