MACOM Introduces New GaN-on-SiC Power Amplifier Product Line

MACOM Technology Solutions, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, introduced their new Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide (GaN-on-SiC) power amplifier product line at the IMS 2020 virtual event, which it is branding MACOM PURE CARBIDE™. The company also announced the introduction of the MAPC-A1000 and the MAPC-A1100, its first two new products in the product line.

MAPC-A1000: The MAPC-A1000 is a high power GaN-on-SiC amplifier designed to operate from 30 MHz and 2.7 GHz and is housed in a surface mount plastic package. The easy-to-use general-purpose amplifier integrates an input match which simplifies the customer’s design-in effort. The amplifier can deliver more than 25 W (44 dBm) at greater than 50% efficiency from 500 MHz to 2.7 GHz when tested in a circuit designed for operation over 2.2 GHz simultaneous bandwidth. 

MAPC-A1100: The MAPC-A1100 is a high power GaN-on-SiC amplifier designed to operate up to 3.5 GHz. The device is capable of supporting both CW and pulsed operations with output power levels of at least 65 W (48.1dBm) in an air cavity ceramic package. 

Stephen G. Daly, President and Chief Executive Officer of MACOM, stated that this new product line significantly enhances the capability of their existing RF power portfolio. GaN on Silicon Carbide is a compelling technology and they are excited to begin offering their customers both standard and custom MACOM PURE CARBIDE™ power amplifier solutions.

The two new general-purpose amplifier products are ideal for use in avionics, high power mobile radios, wireless systems and test instrumentation.

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  • Country: United States
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