NGMN Alliance Publishes its Second 5G White Paper

NGMN Alliance Publishes its Second 5G White Paper

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance has published its second 5G White Paper and has launched further projects based on its conclusions. After the highly recognized NGMN 5G White Paper published in 2015, the NGMN Alliance followed up with another leading message to the mobile industry demonstrating how NGMN continues to drive the ecosystem forward. Whilst initial 5G services have been launched, there is much more underway to realize the full potential of 5G. 

The new NGMN White Paper lays out how 5G is expected to increasingly enable new business models and many new use cases and gives its recommendation on how to realize the full benefits of virtualization, cloud, edge computing, and more.

Key Highlights of the 5G White Paper 2:

  • A common Operator platform architecture is desired to allow edge computing to be used on a global scale.
  • Mobile Network Operators are uniquely placed to provide a fully integrated solution for Verticals that encompasses networks, clouds, and platforms, with dynamic customization, partnerships, end-to-end management, carrier-grade security, and efficient spectrum use. Mobile Network Operators and Verticals should increase their engagement to develop meaningful, mutually-beneficial partnerships and business models to fully deliver the 5G potential.
  • The increased focus needs to be given to further improving energy efficiency, sustainability, social wellbeing, trust, and digital inclusion.

Drawing on some of the challenges and actions identified in the White Paper, the NGMN Alliance recently launched two projects: Future Networks Cloud-Native Platform, to create a holistic view on how network cloudification should be exploited, and Future Green Networks, to drive energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

Building on NGMN’s first 5G White Paper, this document emphasizes key actions to support the continuous delivery of the 5G promise, in terms of enabling new business models and opportunities and achieving the required agility to meet a myriad of requirements from existing and new users. The NGMN White Paper 2 targets the next phase in this journey both to outline key requirements and success factors, including the new and extended value created and delivered by the mobile network operators working together with a broad partner ecosystem.

The 5G White Paper 2 provides a guideline for the 5G evolution with new visions, new use cases, and new challenges. Engagement with Verticals is identified and highlighted to fully realize the NGMN’s 5G vision. This document further describes the unique and expanded role of the mobile network operator as a network and services provider. It is worthy of being the reference for producing 5G specifications and promoting the 5G ecosystem.

The NGMN White Paper 2 describes the 5G objective of enabling and contributing to prosperity and productivity with significant energy and resource efficiency, sustainability, social wellbeing, trust, and inclusion and promotes engagement with the wider ecosystem to fully address the 5G outreach.

Click here to read the NGMN 5G White Paper 2.

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