SimCom Unveils Ultra-Small 5G Module for SA/NSA Sub-6 GHz Networks

SIMCom has introduced, the SIM8202G-M2, a Multi-Band 5G module that supports NSA/SA networking and covers most Sub-6 GHz (FR1) frequency bands across major network carriers around the world. The module uses a new 4-antenna design, which effectively increases communication capacity, sends and receives data in an active manner, and maintains high data speed and stability. It has a sub-6G downlink data rate of 2.4 Gbps and an uplink data rate of 500 Mbps. It adopts the standard M2 interface and its AT command set is compatible with SIM7912G / SIM8200X-M2 modules, which can minimize the investment cost and speed up the market launch for customers. Compared with other 5G modules, it is greatly improved in the following aspects.

Key Features of SIM8202G-M2:
  • New 4-Antenna Design - SIM8202G-M2 adopts a 4-antenna design, which effectively increases communication capacity by sending and receiving more data, and maintains high data speed and stability.
  • Ultra-Small Size - The SIM8202G-M2 module measures only 30 x 42 mm. The process to reduce size was a challenging as the increase in internal components leads to a denser component layout, causing limited power line routing width, harder isolation and protection of the high-rate signal line, RF-sensitive line, clock signal, and harder controlled impedance routing. SIMCom had to repeatedly optimize the design to get it right. Components with smaller package dimensions, higher performance, and more reliable quality are adopted to effectively meet the multi-band/high-performance/high-bandwidth/multi-system requirements of 5G modules.
  • Large Exposed Copper Area Facilitates Heat Dissipation - The data transmission rate of 5G modules is much higher 3G/4G technologies. This increases power consumption by the CPU, RF transceiver, and RF PAs. As a result they all generate more heat in the module. To ensure the module can work stably for a long time, the design of the SIM8202G-M2 has been optimized to make sure the main heating components have sufficient holes to base. At the same time, a large exposed copper area is designed on the back of the module to facilitate the heat dissipation of the module by silica gel.

The SIM8202G-M2 module features high-speed transmission and low latency. It can be widely used in terminals for VR, AR, CPE, IoV, IIoT, and 4K/8K HD video.

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