AmpliTech Group Highlights Major Milestones and Prospective Markets

The AmpliTech Group (AMPG) recently discussed its achievements, future goals, and plans to be a catalyst in the enhancement, development, and distribution of breakthroughs in various markets. Fawad Maqbool, CEO of AmpliTech, also shared his thoughts on the company’s strategy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fawad Maqbool stated that, In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, AmpliTech Group has continued to follow its strategy for the identification of key elements of today's technology revolution, and has leveraged its technical expertise and experience to align its product portfolio and IP with these innovations. These technologies are evolving just as the previous "dot-com", bubble, fiber, 1G to 4G as well as standard Wi-Fi, which led to the FAANG group of companies we know so well today. Amplitech believes that we are at the knee of "hockey-stick" growth that is purportedly bigger than ALL the previous developments COMBINED. They are hoping that their existing and newly developed products will make AMPG an integral part of these global multi-trillion dollar rapidly evolving markets for the 21st century.

The company has plans to accelerate in the following markets:

  • High Speed Terrestrial and Satellite Terminals (SATCOM, "Internet in the Sky")
  • 5G/Wi-Fi6E, and 6G wireless infrastructure (Cellular Base Stations, Small Cells, Private Wi-Fi Networks)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Eventually everything gets "connected" as billions of devices become smart and enabled by the 5G Ecosystem
  • Cloud Farms, Big Data, and MEC architecture
  • Quantum Supercomputers/Quantum Research
  • Deep Space Astronomy
  • Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Telemedicine, AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality)
  • Drones, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
  • Cyber-security
  • Military/Defense ECM/EW

The Company has made significant breakthroughs in its core low noise amplifier products, as evidenced by its recent filing of various patents. These amplifiers are the "building blocks" of virtually every wireless communication system and the ever-growing demand for higher performance and quality in many of these communication systems has made AMPG products more popular. This is where the Company has excelled for many years, but the best performance and fidelity was only required in high-end systems such as radar, test equipment, and small research projects. They believe that they have "perfect storm" conditions today as the rising demand for better and faster communication equipment is the gateway to usher in many other technologies. Now, the obscure applications have become the mainstream solution to many developing technologies and AMPG has now focused on making its products mainstream and providing staple solutions.

Important Milestones for 2019 and 2020

  • Re-organization of BOD
  • Obtained non-dilutive financing/funding
  • Executed first accretive acquisition (Specialty Microwave)
  • Expanded Technical and Sales teams with key engineering and executive talent
  • Engaged Maxim Group, LLC to re-IPO and try to up-list to Nasdaq
  • Engaged Investment banking consultant
  • Expanded its IP portfolio with assets from acquisition as well as filing new patents
  • Expanded customer base by adding OneWeb, CNN, Fox News, Globecomm, General Dynamics, and many other notable Specialty Microwave customers
  • Developed and expanded joint product line offering by creating up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for AMPG and Specialty to larger customer base
  • Developed new cryogenic amplifiers for use in quantum computing and research
  • Generated Pro-Forma Revenues of $4 million, (post acquisition)
  • Uploaded new product list for U.S. Government GSA (General Services Administration) leading to increased RFQ activity on $500,000 GSA award
  • Increased Company market cap from $2.7 million to ~$8 million

Upcoming Guidance

Barring the latent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company cited its achievements and continued focus on target markets as an indication of its progress and dedication to growth. The Company remains committed to its investors and shareholders, and has taken deliberate and careful steps to steadfastly scale up its business model from a low volume research and development company, to blazing a trail and becoming a cornerstone of breakthrough and mainstream technology.


  • Country: United States
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