Pre-Assembled Microwave Antennas Accelerate Network Rollouts and Reduce Installation Costs

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, has announced that it is offering pre-assembled versions of its CompactLine® microwave antennas under the name RapidConnect. RapidConnect antennas are fully assembled in the RFS factory and can be installed right out of the box to accelerate network rollouts and reduce installation costs. They are available in 3-ft, 4-ft and 6-ft sizes.  

RFS CompactLine® microwave antennas are known for their flexibility, performance, and robust construction. CompactLine antennas are optimized for integrated applications in dense urban areas, metropolitan and suburban locations, and aggregation points. They can be installed on rooftop poles or towers, deliver ultra-high (ETSI EN 302 217 Class 3, FCC Class A) electrical performance, and feature a low-profile design that can withstand extremely high winds. For maximum flexibility, CompactLine antennas are available in frequencies ranging from 5.925 GHz to 86 GHz with three wideband frequency ranges available (5.925-7.125, 7.125-8.5 and 10-11.7 GHz).

RFS CompactLine RapidConnect antennas meet the industry’s growing need for microwave antennas that are ready to mount without the time and expertise required to assemble antenna components. The antennas reduce on-site service time, eliminate the need to train installers in antenna assembly, and avoid the delays associated with assembly errors. RFS RapidConnect antennas arrive at the customer site completely assembled. Customers choose a left or a right offset mount configuration when the antenna is ordered.

Benjamin Gao, RFS Regional Product Manager for Microwave Antenna Solutions, commented that adding the RapidConnect antenna option to the time-tested CompactLine family gives their customers the flexibility to choose pre-assembled or standard microwave antennas as required to meet the time and cost constraints of network roll-out projects. While the antenna design did not change, they’ve put significant effort into designing crates that protect the antennas and optimize transportation efficiency.

The fully assembled 3-ft, 4-ft and 6-ft RapidConnect antennas, along with the 1-ft and 2-ft CompactLine antennas, which are designed to be assembled on-site in less than 10 minutes, will help customers achieve their goals of faster network rollouts and lower costs.