SpaceX Satellite Based Internet Solution Providing Download Speeds of up to 61 Mbps

According to a post on Reddit, beta users of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite-broadband service are getting download speeds ranging from 11 to 61 Mbps. The data is obtained from tests conducted using Ookla’s tool. The same tests showed upload speeds from 5 to 18 Mbps. Starlink is a satellite based internet service developed by SpaceX.

The tests, that were conducted in first half of August, showed latencies ranging from 20 to 94 ms. This isn't a comprehensive study of Starlink speeds and latency as beta testers must sign non-disclosure agreements. However, these speed tests might be one of the only glimpses we get of real-world performance during the trials.

SpaceX has told the Federal Communications Commission that Starlink will eventually hit gigabit speeds. In its 2016 application to the FCC SpaceX Stated: "once fully optimized through the Final Deployment, the system will be able to provide high bandwidth (up to 1 Gbps per user), low latency broadband services for consumers and businesses in the US and globally." SpaceX has launched about 600 satellites so far and has FCC permission to launch close to 12,000 satellites.

Although the speed tests results are nowhere near 1 Gbps, they are at par or better than speeds offered by many ISPs in rural areas. On a Reddit thread, some Internet users said they would love to get the speeds shown in the Starlink tests as they are currently stuck with connection operating at 1 Mbps or even less.

In March 2020, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that they are targeting latency below 20 milliseconds, so somebody could play a fast-response video game at a competitive level.

Click here to view the Reddit post that shows the Starlink Speed Tests.